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One of the most common is British bolt, American bolts

Specification of British bolts: Common specifications are 2 #; 4 #; 6 #; 8 #; 10 #; 12 #; 1 / 4; 7 / 32; 5 / 16; 3 / 8; 1 / 2; 9 / 16; 3 / 4.Unit in (in.).

British nominal length specifications: common values are 1 / 4,5 / 16,3 / 8,7 / 16,1 / 2 5 / 8,3 / 4,1,23.Unit: in (in.).

The American standard is made of British system, and the national standard is made of public (meter) system.
American standard general thread description: 0 # -80,2 # -56,4 # -40,6 # -32,8 # -32,10 # -24,1 / 4-20,5 / 16-18, etc., this description in front refers to the thread address diameter, behind is refers to how many teeth in 1 inch.
The metric thread description: M3-0.5, M4-0.7, M5-0.8, M6-1.0, M8-1.25, etc., this description before also refers to the thread address diameter, then refers to the tooth distance. Except for the thread, other sizes are also different: if it is a hexagonal nut, the thickness is not the same size as the opposite side: if it is a screw, the head size is also different.

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