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Common problems and solutions of foundation bolts


The quality of the anchor bolts directly affects the quality of equipment installation. Some equipment has strict requirements on the accuracy of elevation and location, especially the linkage equipment with a high degree of automation. When deviation occurs, it should be dealt with according to the actual situation of the equipment, and different processing methods should be adopted. Generally, the common processing methods are as follows.

Treatment of Anchor Bolt Center Deviation

1. When the diameter of the anchor bolt is less than 30m and the center line is within 30m, the bolt can be baked red with oxyacetylene, and then the bolt is knocked with a sledgehammer (or bend with a jack). Firmly add the same to prevent recovery when tightening the bolts. If the screw inspection distance is not right, then use oxyacetylene flame to bake it with a sledgehammer to bend it, weld a steel plate in the middle and add the same, and then fill it to death in the future grouting

2. For large bolts (above 30m in diameter), the bolts should be cut off first, and a steel plate welded in the middle of the bolts. If the bolt strength is not enough, two steel plates can be welded on both sides of the bolt. Its length shall not be less than 3 to 4 times the bolt diameter.

Treatment of elevation deviation of anchor bolts

1. When the bolt is too high, the high part must be divided and threaded. When visiting the threads, prevent oily substances from dripping on the concrete foundation to corrode and affect the quality of the foundation;

2. When the screw inspection is low and the deviation value is not large (within 15m), the bolt can be baked red with oxygen Zyne and then stretched. The method of lengthening is to use two stacks of pads as a support, and then a steel plate with a hole in the middle is placed on the anchor bolts, and the bolts are tightened on it, and the bolts are pulled red by the strength of the tightening bolts. long. 2~3 steel plates must be welded on the thinned part of bolt diameter. If the equipment is already placed on the foundation and it is inconvenient to move, if the flange of the machine base is strong enough, you can directly tighten the nuts on the base to elongate the bolts. After the screw is screwed to the appropriate length A, the bolts must be loosened to avoid excessive tension after the bolts are cooled, or even fracturing the flange of the base;

3. If the birch is too low (15mm below the required height) and cannot be elongated by the heating method, a deep hole can be dug around the bolt, the bolt is cut off at a distance of about 100m from the bottom of the pit, and a new bolt is welded. The elevation must meet the requirements, and then use round steel to add noise. The length of long round steel is generally 4-5 times the bolt diameter.

Treatment of loosening of foundation bolts in foundation

When the anchor bolts are tightened, the bolts may be pulled out. At this time, the bolts should be adjusted to the original position, and the foundation around the bolts should be shoveled out enough, and then two vertical and horizontal U-shaped steel bars should be welded on the bolts. Clean the pit with water and grouting, and tighten the screws after the concrete has reached the design strength.

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