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Threaded rod:types,function,application


The rotation of the shaft end motor is converted into linear motion through the relative rotation of the screw and the i nut. So as to realize high-precision displacement positioning. Conversely, it is also possible to convert linear motion into rotary motion.

Screws include trapezoidal screws and ball screws

Ball screws are mostly used in precision transmission applications, such as CNC machine tools, CNC cutting machines, engraving machines, punching machines, etc.

Equipment requiring high positioning accuracy, such as glass machinery, ceramic machinery, woodworking machinery, packaging machinery, circuit board packaging, etc.;

The ball screw has high transmission efficiency and is suitable for high-speed, frequent forward and reverse transmission mechanisms, and is widely used in manufacturing industries such as machine tools, automobiles and aviation.

The use of ball screw as the core function of the system is highly integrated, simple, efficient, energy-saving, reliable and clean. It is the best choice to replace complex hydraulic systems.

With the development of industrial automation, linear modules composed of lead screws, sliders, linear guides, etc. have become more widely used

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