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The difference between spring washer and flat washer


1. The difference of anti-loose function:

Spring washer has anti-loosening function, flat washer does not

2. Different functions:

The function of the flat washer is to increase the fastening contact area, and the function of the spring washer is to be used in places with vibration to prevent loosening.

3. Different places of use:

Due to the material and process limitations of bolts and other fasteners, the supporting surface is not large. Therefore, it is necessary to reduce the compressive stress of the pressure-bearing surface to protect the surface of the connected part. At this time, flat washers must be used.

If no spring washer is added to the bolt connecting the motor and the machine base, the nut will loosen due to the vibration of the motor. Therefore, the spring washer must be installed on the fastener with vibration equipment.

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