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Washer are refined from high-precision, high-hardness sheet materials. They are usually used in the adjustment and measurement of precision molds or precision hardware, or as spacers, called precision gaskets, or sometimes mold gaskets. Precision gap sheet


The material of the metal gasket adopts the original It is made of imported stainless steel, high carbon steel and brass by heat treatment and fine grinding. It has the characteristics of high precision, strong pulling force, good smoothness, toughness and not easy to break. Among them, the material of high carbon steel has certain flexibility. The material of stainless steel is very tough and not easy to break.


The use of metal gaskets: used in electronic instruments, mold manufacturing, precision machinery, hardware parts, mechanical parts, stamping parts, small hardware manufacturing. This product can be used to solve the problem of machine maintenance when mold maintenance, mold measurement gap and shaking, swing and instability occur due to mechanical aging. The sealing effect in flange connection is also a great use of metal gaskets.

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